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The 15th Hunger Games have just ended leaving Faeryn Nacht of District One as the Victor. The citizens of Panem are trying to survive another year of uncertainty and fear, but what will the next reaping bring?
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 The Districts and others

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PostSubject: The Districts and others   The Districts and others I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 12, 2010 9:06 am

The Capitol: In charge of all the districts
- Avoxs: Used to livein one of the Districts. Acted out and instead of being killed, they were taken to the Capitol to be slaves. They are mute.
- Peacekeepers: Constructed by the Capitol to keep peace among the people in the Districts. They punish people if they don't follow rules or act out.

Wanderers: These people ran away from the Capitol or Districts and are living in the woods. (Can be in search of D13 or something else)

Originally, there were 13 Districts, but the Capitol destroyed District 13 before the 1st Annual Hunger Games. This also means that The Hunger Games are also a reminder of what happened to District 13. The first 12 Districts, however, each have different resources, and still exist.

District 1: Luxury Goods for the Capitol
District 2: Mining Gems (also unofficially provided Peacekeepers)
District 3: Electronics/Technology
District 4: Fishing
District 5: Never really specified, but pointed to breeding, DNA Splicing
District 6: Scientific Research
District 7: Lumber and paper products
District 8: Factories (Peacekeeper Uniforms)
District 9: Food Processing
District 10: Livestock
District 11: Agriculture (not exactly Agriculture, just exclude livestock! so basically fruit and vegetables providing)
District 12: Coal mining
District 13: (now terminated) Graphite Mining. Secretly working on nuclear power.

Districts 1-4 (excluding 3) usually were where the Careers were from in the actual Games because their Districts are richer and have more food. These well-fed Tributes also were especially allowed to train for the Games (while people in other Districts risked arrest), in case they were picked; despite the fact it was illegal.
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The Districts and others
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