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The 15th Hunger Games have just ended leaving Faeryn Nacht of District One as the Victor. The citizens of Panem are trying to survive another year of uncertainty and fear, but what will the next reaping bring?
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 Out In The Open (Open to all :D)

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Duncan Fretra
District 10
Duncan Fretra

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Out In The Open (Open to all :D) Empty
PostSubject: Out In The Open (Open to all :D)   Out In The Open (Open to all :D) I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 6:56 pm

Duncan stuck his thumbs into the bottom of the inside of his backpack straps, walking into the town square casually. His stide was steady, his backpack heavy from his ukulele. The sun had just come up, only a few people awake and about. He smiled to himself and went to an open shop.

He set himself up onto the counter, smiling at the sales woman. "Hey there, Christine. Why open so early?" Christine tied her brown hair up into a long, curly pony tail and propped her elbow on the counter. "It's Sunday, who doesn't want breakfast?" she punched his arm. "Why don't you play a tune for us on the midget guitar and get the morning started? I'll get you some toast." Christine turned away to the back of the shop while Duncan got out his ukulele. "It's a UKULELE," he called to her and started to tune it. People started to walk in step to his rhythm as he played which usually made his morning. He could tell it was going to be a good day already.
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Out In The Open (Open to all :D)
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