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The 15th Hunger Games have just ended leaving Faeryn Nacht of District One as the Victor. The citizens of Panem are trying to survive another year of uncertainty and fear, but what will the next reaping bring?
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 Chance meeting at the market {Taryn/ /Open}

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Mallory Wendall Freeman
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Chance meeting at the market {Taryn/ /Open} Empty
PostSubject: Chance meeting at the market {Taryn/ /Open}   Chance meeting at the market {Taryn/ /Open} I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 07, 2012 6:17 pm

((Mostly for Taryn and Mallory but open to other people too! If you are joining, please read all posts before you post! I really hate trying to do recaps because I always miss something.
White is another character speaking. Green is Mallory speaking. White italicized is another character speaking controlled by another player. Bolded is written {Just thought I should clarify that!}
The intro is followed from THIS roleplay! Now, on to the actual post!))

Mallory pulled her boots out from behind the bush and pulled them on before running into the house, up the stairs, and grabbing her coin purse from her room. “Daddy! I’m going to get berries and venison from the market for momma; do you want anything?” the girl called as she walked down the hall towards her father’s room that functioned as a study and bedroom since he slept there most nights.
“Yes, please! Come in here and I’ll write it down so you can’t forget like the last time!” the mayor called back from his study. Mallory let out a sigh, wishing she hadn’t asked, and walked to the room on the far end of the hall on the second floor. Hesitantly, she opened the door and stepped in. Seeing her father had no guests currently, Mallory gained confidence and ran to her father and hugged him tightly.
“People are so ignorant daddy! They just don’t understand how difficult it can be being us! They just assume everything is happy and dandy for me but it isn’t! They get to live to celebrate their nineteenth birthday! They get to marry someone they love! It’s not fair daddy! Why can’t people understand?” the girl rambled on, a small frown settled on her face as she finally went quiet and waited for her father’s response.
“I know pumpkin! People never understand. It’s just a fact of life, my darling. The sooner you learn to accept it the easier things will be for you. Now how about I write down that list for you? Hmm… where’d that pen wander off to?” he muttered searching through the clutter for his pen. Once he found it he began to write down a list of what he expected her to bring home. He handed her the list and Mallory looked it over quickly to make sure there was no need for clarifications. It read:
“venison from Mike (pay for what the person behind you buys too)
berries from the Odane sisters
a warm blanket for your momma
bite cakes from Anne’s bakery
a treat for yourself and your friend”

The last item on the list brought a big smile to Mallory’s face and she hugged her father again. “Thank you daddy!” the girl exclaimed kissing his cheeks before dashing out the door.
Once out of view of the house, she stashed her boots behind the bush again and skipped to the market in a much better mood than before entering the crowded market. Seeing the abundance of people instantly killed her happy mood.
With a sigh, the girl’s pace slowed and she walked to the first booth. Over time, Mallory had found the middle class merchants much more pleasant to deal with as opposed to the wealthy merchants. The middle class workers generally seemed to care more about the quality of work, were more willing to make accommodations, seemed to genuinely enjoy the trade, and were far more humble - something Mallory always like in the people she worked with.
The red head ran her calloused, freckled fingers over the material draped over rods. Her fingers tested the materials for something warm, thick, built to endure, and still soft enough for her fragile mother to sleep with. If it was pretty colors that would be nice too but it was already hard enough for Mallory to find a blanket fitting the formerly listed qualifications without adding the latter into the mix.
Finding none at the first booth, Mallory moved on to the next, her mind wandering off to other places. Places that weren’t jammed with people. The work day at the docks was over for most by now and everyone was doing their shopping.
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Chance meeting at the market {Taryn/ /Open}
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