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The 15th Hunger Games have just ended leaving Faeryn Nacht of District One as the Victor. The citizens of Panem are trying to survive another year of uncertainty and fear, but what will the next reaping bring?
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Taryn Forrest
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Taryn Forrest

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Recently, the staff have been getting quite a few questions, which is completely understandable! This site and the plot is rather complex! And so, we've decided to compile a lot of the questions and put them all together in hopes that it will clarify any and all questions!


To start of, meet the staff!
(I saw this on a few other sites and thought it looked like a good idea Wink )

    Taryn Forrest
    Head Admin of HGRP, member of District Three, member of the rebel railway.

      Hey guys! Taryn here! I'm a junior in high school. On top of school work, I play a variety of sports, though at the moment only volleyball, swimming, track, and softball. Apart from that, I also play a few instruments, piano, ukulele, guitar, and French Horn. I compete in piano competitions on occasion. Keeping up with all these things can be very difficult, but when I can manage free time, you'll find me here, hanging with friends, reading, working on videos, or writing/listening/playing music! I love getting to know everyone and if you ever have a question, want to RP, or want to talk, I'm just a PM away <3

    Willow Fidele
    Assistant Admin, member of District Eleven, Avox

      Hola guys! I'm Willow, but you can call me Wills! Like Taryn, I'm a Sophomore in High School, and I'm pretty sure I'm the second oldest staff member. I'm in two sports: Track in Cross Country, but I'm taking a break from them because I need more time. I also play piano and cello, and I also sing. I watch several TV shows: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Merlin, Psych, Castle, NCIS, Bones...and a few others (mostly it's just marathoning on free weekends. I'm an avid debater, I compete in the National Forensics League in Student Congress and Public Forum, though Public Forum is by far my favourite. I spend what little free time I've got left reading, writing, running, sleeping, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. I'm in both musical theatre and regular theatre and am a nerdfighter (DFTBA Razz). I would love getting to know y'all and I think my Skype is on my profile, so add me if you want, I'd love to talk!

    Jonathon Moyers
    Moderator, Member of District Two

      Hey there guys! I am Jonathon. Fourteen Years of age and from the United Kingdom (U.K) and I believe I am the only Moderator who doesn’t live in America! Being from the U.K I have the ‘awesome accent’ that you Americans on this site supposedly love. I have been RPing for a year and a bit. The only main sports I like are Athletics, mainly running, and Badminton. Apart from this, I hate sport in yeah. I’m quite shy to be honest so it can be pretty hard for me to talk to new people, but I do try! xD. Most of the time I can be found on RP sites, reading, writing my novel (Which I might be able to send off to a publisher eventually), and making Graphics. I am unfortunately colourblind, and no I do not see in Black and White thank you very much, I get that a lot. My favourite subject at school is History. Oh, and you all need to know that I have an uncanny obsession with Alexander Ludwig. So yeah, any question feel free to PM me guys! <3

    April Adams
    Moderator, Member of District One

      Hello! I'm April. I’ve been RPing a little over a year now, but have been writing for several years. I’m a total theatre geek; I love to sing and act, and am very involved in theater, drama club, and choir. When I’m not doing that, I’m usually working through piles of homework, but when I get a rare bit of spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends, reading, and writing. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions, or if you just want to say hi! I’d love to talk to all of you! <3

    Arianna Redcloud
    Moderator, Member of District Three, Member of the Rebel Railway

      So hey, I'm Arianna. I am the youngest staff member, I'm thirteen, and in 7th grade. I've been rping since I was 11 I guess ... around that time. In my free time I like to play piano, read, and er ... write short stories and poetry and all that stuff. I play a lot of sports, like volleyball, soccer, I used to play softball, I swim a lot, and I'm also in acting. I like meeting new people and helping out and stuff, so if any of y'all ever need anything or have any questions or anything like that you can just shoot me a pm, or facebook me or whatever. B-t-dubbs, I'm Taryn's little sister! Wink


Questions about getting started

Here are some helpful links!
- The Rules!
- The Questions Thread!
- Registration Form!

RP: Role Play
PM: Private Message
OOC: Out Of Character
IC: In Character
SFTDP: Sorry For The Double Post

Here’s a little helpful information!
The site is set in the past.This year, we’re doing the 16th Hunger Games.
Why you may ask.

      1) We (the admins when we chose to make the site) decided that we wanted there to be actual games, so this site is not going to take place after Mockingjay.
      ~since this site is set in the past and we don't know the names of anyone except for Mags, we have made up names of the earlier victors. Those are the only cannons available at the time.
      ~keep in mind that if you have a victor as a second (or fist account) it most likely won't be boring at all. Since you've won, the capital and the people in it will prosecute you, plus you get to be a mentor, and every year, there will be the games, and you'll get to be on the other side of it Smile

Question: So I just got accepted... what next?
      Answer: Awesome! Well first,
      - Introduce yourself to the community! Maybe go to some of the chat threads and meet the other members! (Introductions Thread, Randomness Thread) Don't start your own introductory thread, it'll be locked!
      - Read this thread! ...wait... Wink
      - Go ahead and claim your portrayer (the person who you think your character would look like) in the face claims thread located here!
      And now, you should be ready to start RPing!
      - Meet the people in your characters District and if you want to RP with even more people, go on ahead to the non HG related RP center! If you want to RP with anyone and throw yourself out there, a good thread to show that you're interested is the looking to RP thread

Question: How do I get a signature? How do I put it on?
      Answer: There is a whole Graphics Request area filled with talented artists that will be more than happy to create graphics for you! All you have to do is ask! …And make sure they aren’t on a cut off and to follow the rules listed at the beginning of their thread, wear whatever they give you for at least a week, and be sure to credit them - they like to see their work appreciated!
      Make sure to claim your portrayer in the Official Face Claims (link above) before requesting!

      Now you have a shiny new signature… where does it go?
      - In your profile, there is a section that says, ‘signature’ there, you put the direct link of the sig with the code [*img]link[*/img] around it! (You take away the asterisks!)

Questions about the rebel railway

Question: What exactly is it?
      Answer: We decided to create this so that people can RP with others who aren't in their District. But basically, it's a rebel oriented outlet that has a secret group of people running around Panem, living on the train continually building it and trying to go out and recruit. They spend weeks out in the woods in search of Wanderers. They're trying to pick up as many people as they can without getting noticed by the Capitol.

Question: How can I get on?
      Answer: Well, you have to fall under a certain number of categories. Your character is a rebel, you are an exceptional role player, and you've been fairly active since you joined! Every few months, the staff considers new things (adding members to the railway is one of the things) and if you fall under all those categories, you'll get PMed saying your character has been granted access!

Question: So I got permission to get on the train... now what? Can my character ever go back to their regular district?
      Answer: Well now, you RP with someone on the train, figure out about it, and you're faced with a choice. Either stick with the people in your District and come up with plot twist for your character (whether to tell anyone, keep your word and stay secret. The whole, I should have gone but didn't shmmeehh) or, you join! However, you have to fake your character's death in that District (or something) and you're never allowed to return or else the Capitol will find out and ...character killed *sniff* If your character chooses to go on the train, you just roll with it. Meet the other rebels, find out what they're doing at the time and then you can RP (in secret) with other people from different Districts!

Questions about role playing

Question: Can I leave the District?
      Answer: Basically... no. Yes, your character can go into the woods, but only rarely.

Question: Can I switch Districts?
      Answer: This is still up for debate, but no. Not at the moment. If you believe you have a valid excuse, PM me and we'll discuss it!

Question: What's a wanderer?
      Answer: Someone who ran away from their District never intending to return. They live in the woods isolated. Some are in search of District 13, some are on the run and some just couldn't bear to be in the Districts/Capitol anymore. (Like the girls in Mockingjay dressed in Peacekeeper uniforms in search of D13

Question: I don't like my character anymore / I don't have any muse / I've been gone for a long time and would like a fresh start. May I kill off my character or just switch without killing them off?
      Answer: Yes, you can... but there are restrictions.

      -You may not change characters more than three times - your third character is your permanant character, and cannot be changed again.
      -You must wait at least six months before changing characters again.
      -Your method of getting rid of your character must be approved by a staff member.
      -Suicides are NOT allowed. This subject is too touchy, and for many people, too close to home to be discussed. This is a real and serious problem, not to be taken lightly. We understand that suicides do happen in real life, and it is a tragedy, which is why we are not allowing it in the roleplay environment.
      -Homicides and murders ARE allowed, but within reason. Please PM an admin for more details. (If you are looking for someone to kill your character, possibly PM Amelia or a Peacekeeper or even Snow and their characters are unstable enough (not the peacekeepers /shifty) that they could feasibly kill your character. Again, please ask for permission before commiting/executing a murder.)

Questions about the Games

Question: How can I get in the Games?
      Answer: Apply for one of the 22 available tributes! (link for List shown above and - the list is a global announcement)

Question: How does the point system work?
      Answer: Every tribute starts off with a certain amount of points at the beginning of the games (according to score) and you gain points for activity, per post, gaining food, finding water... your basic survival skills! You get points taken away for power playing, getting injured, inactivity, and never ever getting injured... it's the frickin' Hunger Games. NO ONE is invincible.

Question: What is this talk about Gamemakers? What does that mean, exactly?
      Answer: There will be a group of staff and trusted members (none of which will be in the Games at the time... if their character dies, however, and there is still a lot of time left in the Games, then more people can be allowed access into this group) and they will help with, like, everything! TheyPMs people to push them together, PMs when they're acting stronger than score - tells them when it's time to die, etc.

      Jobs for Gamemakers
      -announcer, posts in TV thread after every IC game day
      -PMing people
      -figuring out the days for the games (posting)
      -rank people (figuring out who needs to have their score highered/lowered from lack of food, access of it, making their charrie too strong etc)

Question: Do we have a reaping?
      Answer: Yes, but it is the site version
      -We don't have enough members, for an actual reaping, so we will have character adoptions
      -If you desire to kill off your character (before the list is put up), you can.
      -With those ^ characters included, a list of tributes is compiled of completely new people! You can sift through the list and apply for the tribute you want. The best application for the character gets it (and you can always apply for another if your application wasn't the best for the person)
      -if you take a tribute, you do not have to drop your other one or anything, you just play the tribute until it either dies or wins.
      -The Games will be made possible with the aid of our new points system and the super secret Game makers Wink

Question: Is there a Capitol week?
      Answer: We're still thinking about this. If time permitting, yes! We'll update this as soon as we know for sure!


Please don't post any questions or comments on this announcement! either discuss them in the OOC boards or PM one of the staff!

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Made by the most talented Monica/Fayer! Thanks everyone who voted for me! <3
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