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The 15th Hunger Games have just ended leaving Faeryn Nacht of District One as the Victor. The citizens of Panem are trying to survive another year of uncertainty and fear, but what will the next reaping bring?
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 REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!))

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Taryn Forrest
District 3
Taryn Forrest

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REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!)) Empty
PostSubject: REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!))   REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!)) I_icon_minitimeThu May 24, 2012 7:56 pm

((I know this is mostly copy pasted and it's not the best, but we're behind schedule, and I'm hoping to finish these before I go on vacation. Next post will be completely original, I promise! ))

16th Annual Hunger Games

District 9 Reaping
Xander Petry
Date: September 9th, ADD

A patter of rain welcomed Xander as he stepped off the train. It was a slight damper on the day's schedule, but he didn't think much of it, the day would still be fine! He thought about the previous Reaping. Each had gone well in his opinion! This year was going to be so a tough competition! He along with all of his colleges and friends back into the Capitols would be biting their nails this year, that was for sure! He hadn't picked a favorite yet, but that was all in due time. Xander was rather a fan of the underdogs. He LOVED watching the Games and the less experienced get changed in the games. They would turn, get strong and would be the most entrapping to watch. Then again, seeing a Career completely dominate was also something that he found joy in watching. Oh - any win was well anticipated and wonderful to watch! He was just super excited this year. Oh, bless his heart, he was this excited every year! But the Games were so close!

Xander looked around at his crew. He was kind of chipper that Snow wasn't here today. The publicity was great, but that fellow could be a downer at times. Never saying much. The poor chap. But no matter! Today was the day! And it was the day for another 4 days! Wasn't it great! Though tiredness weighed on Xander's eyelids, he barely needed a cup of coffee to be just as excited and awake as before. He waved at passersby on the street. Though, there weren't many. Most were still in their houses fixing up their young ones, relatives, or just sleeping in, taking the day off as an advantage. Few smiled at Xander, but he didn't care. There was always a bit of animosity in these later Districts, they hadn't yet realized how wonderful the Games were for them, poor souls!

As the members of the District started filing in, camera men came up to Xander interviewing him. He was used to this routine, it was getting difficult after a while to say different things. He saw someone commenting on the weather.

And finally, it was time to begin! Xander took in a deep breath. The air smelled sweet, greeting him to the District even more. The smell of rain, was wonderful. So that would be quite a pleasantry! "Gooood morning, District Nine! And welcome, your 16th annual Hunger Games is beginning! You are getting your chance to have a talented young girl and boy to come along with us and participate in the Hunger Games! It's quite an honor! So, good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

"Girl's first, then!" He practically jumped dunked his hand into the bowl, finding a slip of paper in the center.

REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!)) K7qra
REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!)) The-Hunger-Games-the-hunger-game-trilogy-2624997-1280-960-5
Made by the most talented Monica/Fayer! Thanks everyone who voted for me! <3
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Luke Walder
District 9
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Luke Walder

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REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!))   REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!)) I_icon_minitimeSat May 26, 2012 6:28 pm

Luke stood nonchalantly in the square. What did he have to be afrad of? There were plentiful boys in the District; what were the odds? He had taken out tesserae, sure, but still; there were many people less fortunate than he. On the other hand, should he be picked...well, he figured he still had a chance. After all, he had a sister and a girlfriend to come home to. He didn't want glory, if he was reaped; he had something a lot of people lost or lacked in the Games-something to come home to.

"Ladies first!" the overly excitable Capitol attendent practically shouted. Luke's eyes searched the crowd for Lily, and their eyes met. He rolled his, and she giggled. These Capitol people were almost too easy to make fun of. Little Elena stood, hugging her mother's legs, her hazel eyes wide and fearful. Luke looked to make sure no one was watching, then ran to the edge of the crowd to take the ten year old's hands. The little girl had her dark hair pushed back into a curly ponytail, and her greenish eyes seemed like they were about to pop out of her head. Luke tucked a lock of her dark curls back and grinned. The little one shyly smiled, her single dimple engraved in her cheek. "Nothing can hurt you, Lenster," Luke murmured, using the nickname he'd given her so many years ago. It had stuck, of course. Then, looking around again, Luke disappeared back into the crowd, putting his arms around little Lilith's shoulders. Nothing would hurt either of them. Not if he had something to say about it.

((OOC: Just felt it necessary to put this in here. Elena's name isn't pronounced like Alaina, but like Helena without the H.))
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Sassaba Darkhorse
District 9
Sassaba Darkhorse

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REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!))   REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!)) I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2012 7:07 pm

Sassaba looked around at the crowed of people and then back at the stage. How she wished for someone to be there for her but yet no one was. Sassaba would have gone with her mother or someone but she couldn’t make her go as there was a good fact that she could be called up and Sassaba was pretty sure that it would brake her mother to have to watch another one of her girls go into the area. So she went alone and just stood there waiting for the names to be called out and to see if she would be the next person into the hunger games. She didn’t think much about it there where girls there that had to be more tesserae out then she did. Yes Sassaba knew her family wasn’t super well off in food and money to get food so Sassaba did have some tesserae out but she couldn’t have to many out as it was only her and her mother. She then looked around again right before she thought the names where to be call just to see if she saw anymore she remembered from school or just around. Sassaba didn’t and if she did this wouldn’t be the time to go try to get see them.

(OOC: I know the reaping is over but I just wanted to post it anyways)
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REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!))   REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!)) I_icon_minitime

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REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Nine!))
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