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The 15th Hunger Games have just ended leaving Faeryn Nacht of District One as the Victor. The citizens of Panem are trying to survive another year of uncertainty and fear, but what will the next reaping bring?
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 REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Ten!))

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Nathan Johansson
District 10
Nathan Johansson

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REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Ten!)) Empty
PostSubject: REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Ten!))   REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Ten!)) I_icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2012 2:52 pm


District Ten Reaping.
Nathan Johansson.
Date: September 10th ADD

It was that time of year again, that time of year that Nathan half loved, half hated. Ever since being made the chief Peacekeeper of District 10, and also being noted as one of the most prominent Peacekeepers in Panem (A title that he loved), Nathan had seen it fit that he should at least appear at the stage of District 10’s reaping. He never addressed the District, he never needed to. That was the Capitol members job and a job that Nathan thought they did quite well. Of course, he always routed for District 2’s tributes as that was his home District. He sometimes missed it. However, the weakness of the people of the other Districts provided him with much more fun.

Straightening his cleaned Peacekeeper clothing, that was slightly different from the other Peacekeepers, Nathan began to walk towards the Station. He was ready to meet...Xander. It didn’t take Nathan long to reach the station and in no time the train had arrived. Nathan looked vaguely optimistic. What would this Xander be like? No matter what he was like, Nathan knew that District 10 would be a tough crowd. They hated the Games, exactly why that was Nathan couldn’t understand, but they did. It was the same in many of the Districts. As the Capitol member walked out the train with a jolly step. Nathan cocked an eyebrow and slithered backwards slightly. Eyeing up the Capitol member. He shrugged a little as Xander approached him, practically thrusting his hand out to him. “Hello there! I’m Xander! And you must be—“ Before the Man had a chance to finish Nathan interrupted.

“Nathan, yes.”

Xander grinned slightly as he flattened out his clothing. Nathan returned the grin and he led the Capitol member towards the Town Square.

Xander was relatively quite as Nathan led the way to the stage. Nathan guessed that he would be bubbling up all the energy for when he announced himself. Of course, Nathan was going to keep an eye out for any person from District 10 who tried to escape. Nathan chuckled to himself slightly as he walked stopping abruptly and hearing Xander’s feet stop behind him. “I think you know what to do now Mr Petry.” Xander smiled and giggled to himself slightly. Nathan then opened his hands letting Xander go onto the stage first. Xander waited. The people of District 10 were still making their way into the Square. Nathan was sure that this day was going to be amusing at least. The Reaping always was. He had never liked it how no one in District 10 did anything interesting, or try anything stupid. It meant that Nathan usually had to just...stand there. Sometimes he would escort the Tribute to the stage, but this year he was placed on the actual stage. At least he could have a little more fun this year.

It hadn’t escaped Nathan’s attention that Xander’s clothing today was suited for District 10. Not perfectly though. His white shirt was covered with a pink-red blazer; it complimented the whole livestock thing rather well. As soon as the District had been bustled into the Square. Xander flattened the suit out again. “Better leaving a few seconds actually, you’ll have a much bigger effect on the silence.” Grinned Nathan. Xander paused, his hands holding the edges of the opening in his blazer. He then let out a laugh. The crew that had accompanied Xander looked uninterested. They had a lack of energy, and if it wasn’t for Xander, Nathan would have thought that they didn’t really want to be here. No. They were probably just tired. Or at least that was what Nathan guessed. A minute passed, and then Nathan stepped aside and nodded his head at Xander. “Ready to go now?” Xander nodded back and then he pranced onto the stage. Nathan slowly walked on behind him and stood straight backed near the door that the Tributes would pass through. All of District 10 knew Nathan as Peacekeeper Johansson. He had a record, and most of the District feared him. This was where Nathan would whip rule breakers, it was where he did most of his punishments. His presence was enough to stop people from trying anything funny.

“Hellooooooooo there District Ten and welcome to the 16th Annual Hunger Games! Ooooh, the District of Livestock! How...lovely! “ Xander paused for a second before continuing. “Now then. Down to business I suppose. Let’s start with the Girls.” He took an exaggerated step forward and his hand lunged into the girls bowl. Nathan eyed the crowd, looking for any sign of trouble.

((Xander Petry is the equivalent of Effie Trinket. And he speaks in Yellow. Just incase you haven't got it by now. xD
Nathan is the MAIN Peacekeeper at this Reaping, so you will probably meet him when you are reaped (For the Tributes) He speaks in White.
Post Away guys! If you are planning anything special for the Reaping, such as volunteering, please PM me on JONATHON'S account!
Tributes, remember tallying points for the Games starts now!))
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Marceline Winters
District 10
Marceline Winters

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REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Ten!)) Empty
PostSubject: Re: REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Ten!))   REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Ten!)) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 02, 2012 7:29 am

Marceline appeared in traditional reaping apparel-she still was somewhat impressed by herself, the fact that she was a forest dweller and still able to appear here. Sure, she’d gotten snagged on the fence, but who would notice? She saw a small boy staring at the frayed hem of the silvery dress that had been her mothers, but she disappeared into the crowd.

Carefully, she stepped towards the front-always ready for the worst. The reaping. Not a holiday-it never would be. Marceline closed her eyes and imagined what it might be like if her family was still there.

Evie would’ve been laughing, even though she was quite possibly a week’s time from death. Her dark hair, just two shades lighter than Marceline’s, would have been pulled into a fishtail braid, ended with a ribbon tied perfectly into a neat bow. Her dress would’ve been the plaid one that was her mother’s, the one Evie had always loved, in an array of childish colors. Her sparse freckles would’ve been illuminated by the fact her hair wasn’t flyaway in her face, and her hazel eyes would shine just like her mother’s. Marceline could see her mother’s kind face, pulling her dark curls into a ponytail. In this dream, she wore a different dress, blue and more childlike-you could see a fifteen year old girl, not someone who had lost everything. A blue ribbon kept back her hair, and her mother constantly tried to fix it so the shorter curls framing Marceline’s face would stay. Still, a few curls fell wispy on her face. Her mother would pull out the make-up she saved for special occasions, and highlight both girls’ eyes with simple colors, like the jade green she used or the cobalt blue for Marceline. Marceline would walk downstairs, hand in hand, and her father would say, “I’m going to have to bring my knife to keep the boys away from my Marci.” Marceline would smile, something she did far more often, and taken her sister’s hand, saying, “I’d worry more about Evie if I were you,” twirling her beautiful sister around. Just before they left, her mother would stop her by the door and whisper, “Remember who you are,” and tie a silver chain around her neck. Once, when Marceline had asked what it was, she had responded, “Oh, just something that may be yours when you’re older.”

She’d never found out what it was.

But, alas, this was just a dream. It brought tears to her eyes, how real it could’ve been. She wiped her face with the back of her hand, and suddenly was overcome by the fact she was completely and utterly alone. Instead, she thought about what would happen if she was reaped-she would continue her parents’ legacy and avenge her sister, that was for sure. For now, she couldn’t think about it. She had to focus on the present and keep her feet on the ground, for dreams are for children, and Marceline was no longer that.

((OOC: Reaping Outfits' From Marceline's Dream
The Reaping))
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REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Ten!))
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