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The 15th Hunger Games have just ended leaving Faeryn Nacht of District One as the Victor. The citizens of Panem are trying to survive another year of uncertainty and fear, but what will the next reaping bring?
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 REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Eleven!))

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REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Eleven!)) Empty
PostSubject: REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Eleven!))   REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Eleven!)) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 01, 2012 5:20 pm


District Eleven Reaping.
Xander Petry.
Date: September 11th ADD

It was beginning to grow tiring. Going to each District in turn and picking two names out of a bowl. Xander was rather surprised that the Capitol could make such a dull thing vaguely exciting. District 11 had never really been the most interesting District it was the second to last one, barely anyone remembered the Tributes from District 11. They had one Victor, Ember Day, Xander had not heard of her since the third Hunger Games; maybe today Xander would pick out the next Victor? Only time would tell. Xander hummed to himself, his hand tapping rhythmically on the table. The train sped towards District 11 and the young man was content. He stared out of the window, watching the world go by. He was thinking of all the Tributes so far, who he liked and who he didn’t like. There was so much choice and in the end Xander decided he would wait to the training and the scores of course.

Despite the repetitiveness, Xander was still bubbling with excitement. You never knew, something interesting could happen in District 11. Xander himself doubted it, but he saw no need to disregard the pending possibility completely. This was not the thought going through his mind as he sat idly at a table on the train, still he tapped the table and as he could feel the train coming to a halt. He sat there wondering how to make this interesting, the people back in the Capitol wanted emotion. He was pretty set on the idea that he was going to give them a show. It was his job after all. The young man tapped hi trouser legs and stood up straight as the train halted. He adjusted his tie casually and placed his hair into a much better position.

After a while Xander was escorted off the train and he was led into District 11. The District of Agriculture certainly felt like the District of Agriculture. The wheat smell that entered Xander’s nose was both annoying and slightly freshening, the man really didn’t have time to decide which was the more prominent of the two and he walked towards the Town Square with a spring in his step, the guards were keeping up with him for once. Xander made it to the Square secretly. The Capitol was counting on him today, this Xander knew. They wanted the ‘boring’ Districts reapings to be full to the brim with excitement, it was up to Xander to get the Games off to a good start, and so far he was quite happy with his efforts to do exactly that. He needed to keep his good streak going. As the final preparations were put into place and several members of District 11 started turning up to the Reaping as the horns sounded, Xander rubbed his hands together and jumped a little on the spot. Excitement spread through his body.

Xander was alone today, the company of Mr Johansson yesterday had been rather amusing, but today he had to do it on his own. Not a problem, he had done it before. It was all the more interesting with someone accompanying him though. Especially when it was the President’s son, the Career reapings were the most amusing time for Xander, the eagerness of the crowds. He loved it. Xander chuckled to himself as the memory of girls asking Snow JR. for his autograph swamped his mind. The man paused and as he was given the all clear, he had a beaming smile on his face, as always.

“Hello there District Eleven! And welcomeeeeeee to the 16th annual Hunger Games! That’s right, it’s REAPING DAY people. So let’s allow the excitement to commence shall we. Boys first today methinks.” A little chuckle came from his lips as he walked, rather formally, towards the Boys bowl. “In we go!” With that, Xander threw his hand into the Bowl. To add even more effect to the moment, Xander moved around, not too much, but for longer than he did in most Districts. Eventually his hand clasped one of the pieces of paper and he smiled at the crowd. “Who will it be?” It was all so exciting! Xander thought at that moment, he had done his job well.

((Xander Petry is the equivalent of Effie Trinket. And he speaks in Yellow.
If you are planning anything special for the Reaping, such as volunteering, please PM me as soon as possible.
Tributes, remember tallying points for the Games starts now!
-Just adding all this info to be safe. Wink))

REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Eleven!)) Sp_jon11
REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Eleven!)) The-Hunger-Games-the-hunger-game-trilogy-2624997-1280-960-4-1
REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Eleven!)) Modera10
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REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Eleven!))
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