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The 15th Hunger Games have just ended leaving Faeryn Nacht of District One as the Victor. The citizens of Panem are trying to survive another year of uncertainty and fear, but what will the next reaping bring?
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 Wren Avis

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Character Sheet

Name: Wren Avis

Age: 15

Member of: District 4

What profession are you (optional): Student, fisher

(Down must must at least 5 sentences and fifty words)
Appearance: Wren has very tan skin, due to the amount of time she spends out by the docks on the beaches of District 4. She doesn’t smile very often, preferring to go around with an almost permanent grimace on her face. Her hair is bright, shiny blonde, with thin brown streaks. Her eyes are light blue and twinkle when she’s in a particularly happy mood. She’s tall and lean, more muscled than most of the other kids in her class.

Personality: She keeps to herself and doesn’t try to make friends. She likes to read and loves to swim, despite having to swim a lot for her job. She doesn’t want to get close to anyone or get picked for the games. She thinks the whole thing is sick, especially the way the people in the District strive for the chance to compete. She has few close friends besides her family and Finnick, who is one of the trainers in charge of possible tributes to train them in combat.

History: Wren’s mother, Kirsten Avis, had died giving birth to her, the youngest child of seven. Her older siblings, Shea, Micah, Liam, Persei, Croy, and Zephra, all were nice enough to her but the tended to exclude her from things. Whether this was because they blamed her for taking their mother from them or simply just because she was the youngest, she could never figure out. They had all passed the age of eighteen without one of them ever getting picked for the games. Her father, Bran, worked on the same dock she did and she became closer to him than any of his other children.

RP sample: “Watch out, Wren!!” said Zephra, the eldest girl of the Avis family. Wren had nearly knocked her down in her rush to get to the docks. Her last class of the day at school had been over twenty minutes longer than usual and she’d just five minutes to get across town to her house, drop off her stuff and change, and then get back to the docks, where she was supposed to be clocking in to work.
Her job at the shore was to dive beneath the dock and procure the mollusks and barnacles that made the place their home. She loved swimming with a passion and risen through the ranks fairly quickly for a girl of her age. She worked under her father, Bran, and Finnick. Finnick didn’t really need to work, since he was a Victor, but he liked to be kept busy.
Finnick was the main reason Wren never wanted to see the inside of a Gamemaker arena. He was just two years older than her and they’d had a few classes together in school, even though they were in different grades, he was one of her closest friends. Finnick had gotten chosen at the age of fourteen. Back then, he’d been boisterous and provocative, hilarious, and uncommonly smart for someone who’d worked with fish all of his. He’d won the Games and come back home, but he was so different now. Quiet, almost introverted, at times and he never did anything else besides sit at the docks and train the kids for the Games.
Nevertheless, Wren enjoyed his company at the docks, and they were still very close. She wouldn’t say that she was his best friend, but he was definitely hers. Of course, she’d never admit that to anyone.
When she’d finally reached the docks, almost fifteen minutes late she saw her dad standing by a boat at the shore and she waved at him with an apologetic look. Then she spotted Finnick sitting at the end of the pier, tying a net for her father to fish with.
“Hey there, Finnick,” she said with a smile, plopping down next to him and dangling her feet of the edge, into the crystal clear water. He looked up at her and grinned, flashing every single one of his pearly whites at her and she couldn’t help but shudder the tiniest bit.
“Well, hello gorgeous,” he said with a wink, “You ready to do some diving?”
“When am I not?” she asked, laughing. Finnick stood up, whipped off his shirt and dove into the warm water. Chuckling, Wren joined him and together they paddled out a little way from the dock, ignoring her father in the distance yelling at them to come back and get to work.
Once they were out about twenty yards from the shore, Finnick seemed to take on a different persona. His eyes darkened as he gazed at her, his smile falling. Wren, sensing something was wrong, quickly got to the point.
“What, Finnick? What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”
“Wren…” he sighed her name, and they were so close she could feel his breath against her cheeks. Under the water, Finnick’s hand grasped hers and his expression darkened more still.
“Finnick… what? You’re worrying me.”
“I heard… about the Reaping,” But Wren cut him off.
“That’s not for months! That can’t possibly be what’s bothering you,” she was getting exasperated and extremely worried now. “You haven’t heard who they’re picking have you?” she asked.
It was common for past Victors to know who was going in next. The Capitol would have everyone believe that it was just chance, who got picked but Finnick had told her differently. Apparently, the Gamemakers pick who they think would be most interesting. They rig the Reaping by replacing all the names in the bowl with the same amount of papers, all with the same name on them. The District Representatives, who pick from the bowl, don’t know. Nobody knows except the highest ranking Gamemakers and some of them usually tell their favorite Victors who its going to be from their District, so they can start training them earlier.
Panic was starting work its way up her spine and into her chest and looked at Finnick, not liking how long he’s been silently staring at her.
“Who are they picking, Finnick? Who is it!?”
“You know who, Wren. You know,” his eyes were glistening now, as if he was on the verge of tears.
“Tell me.” Her voice was no more than a whisper now, as the realization dawned on her.
Instead of answering, Finnick just wrapped his arms around her waist and stopped wading in the water, instead just letting their weight drag them down, into the arms of the sea, where Wren couldn’t tell if she was crying or not.


- How you found out about the site: Searched Google for Hunger Games RPG
- How many of the books did you read?: All of them in three days ☺
- Which was your favorite?: Catching Fire
- If this is you second character, which was your first?: This is my first
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Wren Avis
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