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The 15th Hunger Games have just ended leaving Faeryn Nacht of District One as the Victor. The citizens of Panem are trying to survive another year of uncertainty and fear, but what will the next reaping bring?
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 The Girl with the Knife ((Tempest. Maybe PG-13))

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Jonathon Moyers
District 2
Jonathon Moyers

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The Girl with the Knife ((Tempest. Maybe PG-13))  Empty
PostSubject: The Girl with the Knife ((Tempest. Maybe PG-13))    The Girl with the Knife ((Tempest. Maybe PG-13))  I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2012 4:28 pm

It was natural for Jonathon now. Get up in the morning, not bother to look and see if his father was up, and walk out. Every day now he would follow that order. No breakfast or any sort of food. Training was more important in the morning, training was always more important. The Career quickly got changed into his shorts and a white tank top before making his way outside. Upon opening the door and quietly closing it behind him, Jonathon gazed out into District 2. It was a busy morning, as Jonathon had woken up later than usual. Not to worry. He was respected enough around these parts, by the youth at least. Jonathon didn’t know whether to like or dislike the fact, so he just rolled with it. Surprisingly the Career had a bounce in his step this morning, a rather rare event, and he was content with life for once. This was, of course, the first time in a long while that Jonathon had felt vaguely happy, his father had not had a go at him this morning. It wasn’t exactly peaceful on the streets of District 2, but Jonathon really couldn’t have cared less. He was happy enough and that was all he cared about.

Being Six Feet and two inches tall had its advantages. People moved for you and not the other way around, so Jonathon didn’t have too much trouble walking along the busy streets. He wasn’t the tallest, but he certainly wasn’t small. He had always been told that he would make a great Career in the Games, but he wasn’t Volunteering, not unless his Dad died or his Dad told him to, neither of which seemed likely. His father needed Jonathon to do all the work. Right now was too early to say never though, and Jonathon always had the thought in the back of his mind. What if he did volunteer, what if Dad did die? Would he be able to make District 2 proud? Maybe time would tell, but if it was, then Jonathon only had next year to be part of the Games. If he got passed next year then he would be safe, and live a normal life. He’d decide when the time came. The proposition of killing people from other Districts wasn’t one that Jonathon thought was an opportunity not to be missed, but he wouldn’t have minded it. Taking someone’s life was something that Jonathon wouldn’t have been all that bothered by, if he hated someone then he would gladly do it, but he did not hate anybody. And he would rather keep it that way; the Capitol wasn’t going to make him hate anybody. Or so Jonathon wanted to believe.

Jonathon had had his fair share of bad encounters in his life, and there had definitely been people that he hated. But they had learned not to bother with one of the strongest Careers, a title Jonathon had been given by others, and a title he didn’t care for. No one bothered with Jonathon again once he’d put them in their place. Take Keagon Seye, District 2’s tribute this year. Jonathon had accidently let his full strength on the boy and shoved him into the ground, resulting in a nose bleed. The event had amused Jonathon a little. The fact that if Jonathon was angrier or actually wanted to hurt Keagon, then the power would have been greater, it was amusing. If Keagon came back from the Games alive and started getting cocky, then Jonathon would be quick to remind him of that encounter. The thought brought a small grin to Jonathon’s face as he walked down the street.

His attention was quickly averted as he looked down; a girl had run into him. Jonathon shuffled back a little, then he noticed the...the knife. He braced himself just in case she lashed out. “...Are...are you okay?”

The Girl with the Knife ((Tempest. Maybe PG-13))  Sp_jon11
The Girl with the Knife ((Tempest. Maybe PG-13))  The-Hunger-Games-the-hunger-game-trilogy-2624997-1280-960-4-1
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The Girl with the Knife ((Tempest. Maybe PG-13))
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