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The 15th Hunger Games have just ended leaving Faeryn Nacht of District One as the Victor. The citizens of Panem are trying to survive another year of uncertainty and fear, but what will the next reaping bring?
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 REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Twelve!))

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REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Twelve!)) Empty
PostSubject: REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Twelve!))   REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Twelve!)) I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2012 2:48 pm


District Twelve Reaping.
Xander Petry.
Date: September 12th ADD

It was coming to an end; he would have been upset if the Games didn’t come after it. He wanted to make a lasting impression with District 12. He needed to keep the flame of excitement going, this Reaping, more so than the others even, needed to be interesting. District 12 was not exactly the most interesting of all the Districts, therefore making Xander’s task that little bit harder. No one remembered the Tributes from District 12 so Xander wanted to give them special treatment this year, he wanted them to be remembered, not for there courage in the Games, but for their emotional reaping.

Unfortunately the heavens had opened today, much to Xander’s disappointment. Rain feel freely from the clouds and Xander grimaced as he looked up into the sky through the window of the train. The weather was supposed to dry up earlier on in the day, and Xander was hoping on it. The train sped up and eventually he arrived at District 12, his face forming a scowl as the rain continued to fall.

As the rain fell and Xander walked towards District 12’s town centre, he cringed at the state of the District; he nibbled the side of his gum repetitively there was something about this District and he didn’t like it. Naturally Xander held an umbrella in his hand; it was white and rather huge, tough Xander held it in a loose grip. He couldn’t afford getting his hair wet now could he? The stage was set and District 12 would soon be arriving, even here, in the one District he really didn’t care about all that much, his heart beat against his chest. Excitement flooded through his veins. He could see the crew dumping the two bowls at opposite ends of the stage. The rain seemed to be dispersing. A grin formed on Xander’s face.

Looking out over District 12 gave Xander a sense of sympathy, he was so used to the Career Districts, and he liked them notably more. The sympathy as diminished quickly, as Xander remembered why he was here. Xander jumped up with excitement as the horn called for District 12 to meet at the centre, it as nearly time!

The District of mining had a dark feel to it, the coal trains heading towards the Capitol were sooty and dirty; almost everything about this place was dirty. He really doubted that he would pick out a victor today, District 12’s tributes usually just got killed off at the bloodbath, this gave Xander even more reason to make District 12’s claiming stand out, there were always tears here, and the dirty faces of the people from this place made those tears stand out just that little bit more. Oh how Xander did love the Games.

As the members of the District arrived, Xander chuckled to himself; he could see the fear in their faces, clear traces of tears down people’s faces. Many of them looked at the ground. Even though this event was repeated, it still managed to get him excited every time. He loved the games, so very much. He already knew whom he was rooting for, and it certainly wasn’t going to be someone from District 12, still he had his duty to the Capitol. Make the Reaping as interesting as possible, and he planned on doing exactly that.

It took a while to get the entire District into the Square, not that Xander minded all that much. The rain eased off slightly so when it was finally time for him to address the District, the rain had almost completely dispersed. The District was all here now and Xander almost galloped onto the stage, as he usually did, the humid air brushing his face slightly. Xander chuckled, opening his arms invitingly.

“Hellooooooooo, and happy Hunger Games District Twelve! As you all know, it’s time for the reaping! Exciting stuff, I know!” Xander’s smile stayed on his face throughout, even as he felt one drop of rain hit his face. “Ladies first, then! Oh and I nearly forgot, may the odds ever be in your favour!” Now ignoring the odd little drops of rain that managed to hit his face, Xander walked over to the girls bowl, smiled, then plunged his hand into the bowl. Hs hand clutched a piece of paper and he yanked it out. Xander glanced out to District 12, and then grinned. Hopefully he had made it exciting enough for the people back at the Capitol. Soon he would be back there, and soon he would be watching the Hunger Games and see the people fight to the death, it was all so very exciting.

((Xander Petry is the equivalent of Effie Trinket. And he speaks in Yellow.
If you are planning anything special for the Reaping, such as volunteering, please PM me as soon as possible.
Tributes, remember tallying points for the Games starts now!))

REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Twelve!)) Sp_jon11
REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Twelve!)) The-Hunger-Games-the-hunger-game-trilogy-2624997-1280-960-4-1
REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Twelve!)) Modera10
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REAPING DAY! ((Open to all in District Twelve!))
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