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The 15th Hunger Games have just ended leaving Faeryn Nacht of District One as the Victor. The citizens of Panem are trying to survive another year of uncertainty and fear, but what will the next reaping bring?
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 A strange new prespective ((Open to anyone))

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Huntley Downes
District 5
Huntley Downes

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A strange new prespective ((Open to anyone)) Empty
PostSubject: A strange new prespective ((Open to anyone))   A strange new prespective ((Open to anyone)) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 29, 2012 4:40 pm

Huntley walked down the street of district five towards that stables where his mom would care for the animals that the labs would construct. She enjoied it, somedays it was all that she could talk about; Huntley was going to see what was holding his mother back at work cause to be perfectly honest it wasn't like her to be late to me him from school. Huntley pulled his jacket close over his shoulders to give him warmth from the unsualy cold wind blowing this spring afternoon. "Next time mom dosen't show up I'm just going to sit it out.. cause jeez it's cold today."

Huntley was approaching the stables when he saw his mom working with some odd bird, when he noticed that she looked rather upset. Aaron knew why when he saw his father peering over her, whispering something to her. Huntley backed away slowly with a terrified look on his face. His worst nightmare was being lived out, his father returning was one thing, but cornering his mother at work was just plain scary. To think he could've come and gotten me at school? The thought scared Huntley more than anything.

Huntley heard shouting coming from the direction that he had just fled, He franticly looked left and right when he finally jumped and hid behind some over grown bushes. The shouting got closer until he finally saw his mother walking after his father with a furious expretion "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HURT US, LEAVE, THEN WALTZ BACK IN TO BE HIS FATHER!" Huntley had never seen his mother yell at his father like that "I'm all the family besides you he's got left." For once in his life Huntley saw a glimps of remorce in his fathers glare "Well not if I've got anything to say about it.." his parents trailed off.

Huntley sat there frozen with all the swarming emoions stinging him like a thousand angry tracker jackers. What ever was going on Huntley sure did know who they were fighting over, Huntley was sure that his father wanted to be apart of his life and be the "Fatherly figure" that he was supposed to be in the first place. There was no forgivness in Huntley's heart as he paced the trails of his thoughts. Huntley rose to his feet and walked away to a near by tree where he leaned against it in just complete uneasy fear, that for once wouldn't leave.
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A strange new prespective ((Open to anyone))
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