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The 15th Hunger Games have just ended leaving Faeryn Nacht of District One as the Victor. The citizens of Panem are trying to survive another year of uncertainty and fear, but what will the next reaping bring?
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 Broken Hopes (OPEN TO ALL!!)

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Iberis Calnan
District 10
Iberis Calnan

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PostSubject: Broken Hopes (OPEN TO ALL!!)   Broken Hopes (OPEN TO ALL!!) I_icon_minitimeFri May 04, 2012 11:54 pm

Iberis stumbled down a slope, running as fast as her legs would carry her. Iberis suddenly tripped over what seemed to be a rock, and she skidded in the dirt. She felt the heat beating down on her fair skin and sweat pouring down her face, stinging her heavily bleeding cuts on her face. She heard a growl and looked up suddenly and just in time saw the gorilla/dog mutt leap from above and come pummeling straight for Iberis. She tried to get up but her legs wouldn't budge. Suddenly, the mutt was upon her with it's snout snarling and about to chomp off her face-

Iberis woke with a start. She looked around her room, checking for any unwanted mutts. With the close clear she checked her legs. Yep, still working. With that, Iberis collapsed back into her pillow. That's the third time this week thought Iberis, pinching the base of her nose where she usually got her headaches. She looked across her bed to check the time. 5:20 am. Oh crap I slept in! thought Iberis as she flew from her bed to her closet and she changed into her regular work clothes, a fitted white tshirt with a plaid over botton up shirt with a pair of jeans and dusty riding boots. She flew down the hall, past the large mirror, not even checking to make sure she looked alright. Horrible was her guess, but the cattle don't give a crap so that's all that mattered. She turned out the horses and waited until they were all warmed up to choose the one to pick to ride out to the cattle. After a while, she chose her usual favorite, Orchid, a beautiful yet sturdy Blue roan quarter horse and thoroughbred mix. As she saddled up, she listened to the sound of engines running in the background. Strangely, it sounded out of place but didn't pay much attention. As she mounted up, she realized what was wrong. No one is Up at 5:30 in the morning. Especially not on Iberis's ranch. She grabbed a rope and a whip and smacked it right on the rump of Orchid and Orchid took off in a flat out gallop towards the pasture where the cattle was kept. Oh crap I hope I'm not too late thought Iberis. Iberis saw the fence coming and didn't bother opening the gate, which was five feet high, and cleared it by an inch. She suddenly ran into a real problem. 3 trucks were being stuffed with cattle, her cattle. There were 5 burly men, who looked up at Iberis with a savage expression. "Well, well boys, another catch of the day, hey boss, what should we do with her?" said a one of the men. A tall cut man with hair ending at his shoulders and a clipped blonde beard strode forward, Iberis guessed this was the "boss". "Hmm," said the boss, " We could sell the horse for a lot of dough, but the girl, I guess we could make her our servant," he said smirking, "Then raid her little ranch and get some more little avoxes." Iberis patience had snapped in two. Since usually theives cleared out long before now she never had to do anything, but since these guys weren't scared of her, she'd have to use force. Before you could blink, she whipped Orchid, and pulling on her reins to make her rear. The men jumped back a couple steps,but the boss just stood there, unaffected. But Iberis wasn't done yet, she yanked out her dog whistle that would bring her four border collies running. Iberis charged at the men and whipped them in the eyes with her whip. While they were blinded, she undid the ties of the truck and let her cattle loose in all the trucks. At first they didn't respond, but then, she took her rope and cracked it, making an earsplitting sound that made Them bolt. By then, unfortunately, the men had recovered and were running at her. She gave a crack with her whip and she ran over one of the men. Eventually she took out 2 more. Finally the border collies arrived in time to take out the last 2 men. The only man left was the boss who was sitting comfortably on a wheel of a truck. This confused Iberis deply, which must have been his plan because at the last second, he lashed out at her with a knife and give her a bloody gash across her cheek. She whistled to the border collies as they went back and forth with knife and whip. The lead border collie sank his teeth into the man's leg, and the boss collapsed with pain. Iberis fasioned the rope into a lasso and tied up the boss. This was quite the eventful morning
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Broken Hopes (OPEN TO ALL!!)
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